Read what musicians are saying about My Mutebag

Got mine in the mail a few days ago. Love it already. Best mute bag I've had by far. It's nice to have a good lookin bag. - Matthew B.

These bags are seriously awesome. Exactly what I've been looking for! - Mark R.

I received My Mutebag, and I couldn't be happier! Thank you for making such a great product! All the mutes fit and are well protected! - Jonathan D.

I'm a working trumpet player and need to be able to grab my gear and scram! I don't need to be transferring gear back and forth to different bags and cases; that's how stuff get left behind. The larger bag was an easy choice for me. Two sets of mutes for my two different Bbs, lubricants, cleaning supplies, a folder of music, wind clips, flashlight, Leatherman... don't make me keep going! - Gene D.

So this arrived in the mail today! My Mutebag for Trumpet. Gotta say, looks great and well made. Loaded mine with black plastic cup mute, tin straight mute, Best Brass practice mute, big Jo-Ral copper bubble and little black rubber plunger. Zipped closed easily. Still has room enough for a flask and those little egg shakers. Good construction, nice rustic look. Stylish and practical. - Charles H.

When I don't need to bring mutes with me, I use My Mutebag for Trombone for all of my music gear. It's padded interior is perfect and fits my iPad, page turner, iPad clip and other accessories. It's been a lifesaver for me having everything I need in one space. Also, the adjustable dividers inside make it easy to change the size to fit what I need for that specific gig. - James H.

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