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Why My Mutebag?


My Mutebag is the BEST!

Nate Zgonc, Atlanta Symphony principal trombone

Thanks for the great service and fast shipping! I already had a chance to use my trombone bag tonight. I love it! I will pass the word out to my fellow musicians. It's far better than my old bag which I'll probably throw out!

Glenn R.

Love My Mutebag. I literally use it everyday. 

Joe Dubas, Ft. Worth Symphony principal trombone

This is a badass bag that I use for WAY more than mutes! My looper, mixer, wireless mic, all my cable, two iPads, and yes, even a mute. 

Christopher Bill, trombone celebrity

Dope!   Contents: MacBook, iPad, bucket, cup, Harmon, soulo mute, pixie, 2 plunger mutes, too many mouthpieces, stand lights, spray bottles etc. Love it! Thanks My Mutebag!

Matthew E.

In love with My Mutebag. I can fit my mutes, tripod, snacks, and practice journal.

Armida Rivera, Bach trumpet artist

Jazz at Lincoln Center trumpet section

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