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ITG review
JLCO trumpet section

Loving our new Mute Bags! - Kenny Rampton, Jazz at Lincoln Center, trumpet

Joshua Kauffman, first trumpet, The U.S. Army Blues

Love My Mutebag. I literally use it everyday. - Joe Dubas, Ft. Worth Symphony, principal trombone 

My Mutebag is the BEST! - Nate Zgonc, Atlanta Symphony, principal trombone

This is a badass bag that I use for WAY more than mutes! My looper, mixer, wireless mic, all my cables, two iPads, and yes, even a mute. AND the company is owned by an awesome trombonist!! - Christopher Bill, trombone celebrity

My Mutebag is awesome! It actually holds it all! - Dan Howard, Boise Philharmonic, bass trombone

These bags are seriously awesome. Exactly what I've been looking for! - Mark Russo, Edwards trumpet artist

So this arrived in the mail today! My Mutebag for Trumpet. Gotta say, looks great and well made. Loaded mine with black plastic cup mute, tin straight mute, Best Brass practice mute, big Jo-Ral copper bubble and little black rubber plunger. Zipped closed easily. Still has room enough for a flask and those little egg shakers. Good construction, nice rustic look. Stylish and practical. - Charles Hargett, freelance trumpet 

In love with My Mutebag. I can fit my mutes, tripod, snacks, and practice journal. - Armida Rivera, Bach trumpet artist and professor

I have to say that I am impressed. It is made out of very durable materials and can hold more than I ever thought possible. Currently in there I have 5 mutes, a mute stand, some headphones, and a pencil pouch. It can even hold a large cat if needed! It doubles as a backpack for classes. Definitely recommend to everyone. - Brandon O'Donohue, TAMUK music major   

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