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About Us

Hi! I'm Sarah Hatler, and as a professional musician, I've often found myself rushing around the house before a rehearsal searching for a suitable bag for my trombone mutes. I was tired of showing up to important gigs with my old, worn-out duffel bag or some random plastic grocery bag stuffed with my straight mute, cup mute, practice mute, plunger... you get the idea. 

The bottom line was that none of the existing options looked professional. Not to mention, they resulted in dents and dings on my expensive equipment.

The idea of creating my own bag for mutes and music gear was born. As a longtime brass musician who understands our unique needs, I knew we also needed a unique bag. My Mutebag makes my life much easier, and it will do the same for you. The leather and canvas craftsmanship and black nylon bag are waterproof and won’t fall apart as you travel. Each padded bag has room for multiple mutes with moveable and adjustable dividers for customization. There are outside pockets for pencils, valve oil, sheet music, or even an iPad. 

I am always listening to my fellow brass players' needs and have evolved My Mutebag to offer additional features like side pockets for water bottles, a protective sleeve for devices, and even a way to connect a stand using the clips on the bottom of the black bag. Carry the black bag using the handle on top, messenger style, or attached to a suitcase at the airport. 

My Mutebag is a mute bag that balances function and fashion. It was created by a musician for other musicians, and I am so excited for you to try it.


Sarah Hatler with my mutebag for trumpet and trombone